There’s a philosophical take to our life. We are here for a purpose. Each of us is designed for a particular vocation. It is for us to find out what we are made for and find our way through myriad life situations to get there. Not an easy thing, considering the fact that we’ve lots of challenges on our way.

But, we do put in our effort… we endeavor to prove our mettle to ourselves and to others.

All wonderful, but there’s a catch there. There’s that thin line that separates our giving it our best try and our trying to impress others with our smartness.

Sometimes, we do cross it not realizing the fact that we are countering our own efforts… that we are trying a bit too hard, unnecessarily.

For instance, we strive to come up with brilliant arguments whenever we get into situations where we need to prove our intelligence. Nothing wrong with this, per se. After all, it’s a very competitive world that recognizes only those who sparkle in the crowd.

But, there are some beautiful arts of life that do not just help us succeed but also help us win the hearts of others. Listening, for instance. When we listen, we are not that conspicuous alright but we are giving someone one of the greatest gifts ever.

A lady called Viktor Frankl, one of the most prominent psychiatrists of the twentieth century, in the middle of the night to calmly inform him that she was about to commit suicide.

Frankl kept her on the phone and talked her through her depression, giving her one reason after another as to why she should carry on living. Finally, she promised she would not take her life, and she kept her word.

When they met later, Frankl asked her which of the reasons had persuaded her to live.

“None of them!” she told him.

Without giving up, Frankl pressed what influenced her to give up on her suicidal thoughts.

The lady’s answer was simple. It was Frankl’s willingness to listen to her in the middle of the night.

A world in which there was someone ready to listen to her pain seemed to her a world worthwhile to live in.

We are not here to see how smart, how intelligent and how important we become. We are here to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Saint Maverick

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