Movies whose plots are logically (and emotionally) tied-up together become instant blockbusters in our mind. Because we see the connect between the unfolding instances. Subsequently, we appreciate directors for the sincere efforts they've taken to not make us feel we've wasted our precious time watching a frivolous work. Learning Designers are the directors of courses... Continue Reading →

The New Corporate Philosophy | Mindful Compassion

By design, we human beings THRIVE on our social instincts. Because, we are energized by emotions that are far more layered and nuanced than those of our counterparts in the animal kingdom. The shelf-life of our bonding far outreaches that of our brethren. Our interpersonal ties are networked on such intricately impassioned scale that the... Continue Reading →

The intrigue behind LEARNING TO LEARN!

The concept behind learning is no secret. Neither is it a mystery. It gets initiated so spontaneously in childhood without any triggers whatsoever (what with the little learning minds constantly trespassing into the peaceful existence of the satiated adult minds with their relentlessly curious queries). But, unfortunately, this state of mind is not to continue... Continue Reading →

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