Creativity is always equated with out-of-the-box thinking. Script anything commonplace, people will be like, “What’s new?”

So understandable!

But, so very tricky!

Because, technically, we don’t create anything new. If we do, it will be literally so new that people can’t even understand what we are saying, ’cause, they haven’t heard of anything like it before. They will be like, “It’s so unrelatable!”

So, what’s creativity after all?

Say something that people know already about… repeat what they’ve already heard.

Then, catch them by surprise by saying something they haven’t heard before but still something they can extend their imagination to, based on what you just told them.

Then, it works. People would be like, “Ah! That’s something new!”

Vertigo. Everyone knows about the dizzying sensation one experiences despite being on something stable. Simple definition. Common knowledge. Everyone knows about it.

But, scaling an abandoned radio tower 2000 feet above the ground level, only to watch with horror the rickety metal ladder go crashing down… and, staying stranded on the small little wobbly platform for what seems like infinity!

This is something new. Something out-of-the-box. Something never seen before.

What with all experts in their respective skill-sets coming together, FALL becomes a terrifying, bone-chilling experience that people – especially those suffering from vertigo – wouldn’t like to be part of.

Interestingly, we know that the movie was shot against green matte, with the actors set in a safe indoor studio environment.

Whatever they did – emoting as if they’re up there – was later composited against the stunningly captured drone footages of the radio tower.

Yet, we forget all those technicalities. And, with an utter, compulsive abandon, we lose ourselves in the petrifying visuals that virtually take us up there, dizzying us to no end.

That is FALL for us. Completely out-of-the-box.

Saint Maverick

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