What makes us humans? Emotions!

Bonding, affection, hugs and embraces!

They define us.

But, they are so finely laced into our biological network that, many a time, we don’t even know we are governed by them. And so, we stay oblivious to their very existence.

Until come those revealing moments when we see emotions explode out of us, sorely exposing us to our vulnerabilities, throwing us around like dry leaves in a stormy gale.

And, shockingly, we feel injected with a sudden jab of adrenaline just at the same moment, making us unbelievably powerful to face all odds in ways we never thought we are capable of.

Such is the power of emotions.

Well, this abject theorisation of our emotional selves is what comes incredibly alive in War Sailor, a Norwagian production that recounts the story of a strife-stricken family and their best bachelor-friend during days of World War II.

What transpires more powerfully than the high-octane war scenes is the play of intense emotions in this war drama.

So intense that we are forced to turn the mirror on ourselves and recognise how emotionally charged we too are.

Saint Maverick

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