Monument Universe just gifted me with an opportunity to upgrade myself to screenplay writing.

Context: A feature on Chettinad!

The idea is to treat this feature / documentary with a new perspective that would make it look different from the way we’ve been documenting monuments so far… and on that token, would demand a fresh ideation and a corresponding approach that would be executed on more complex production standards.

While the entire team is excitedly exploring new skill-sets that would help the new style of production, I – on my part – find myself tasting the role of the screenplay writer.

To say that this new adventure is thrilling is to put it very mildly, ‘cos, I’m seeing a perceptible difference between the style of writing for screen and that used for writing novels.

Though both writing styles flourish on ‘to-the-point’ descriptions of emotions and locales, the one used for screenplay is absolutely minimalistic, ‘cos, most of what the writer imagines would be there on the screen. Therefore, only words needed to describe what is seen on the screen are used… which means, those employed to help readers imagine the happenings in a novel, get chopped off completely.

A piece of a test script I tried on Fade In Pro.

Saint Maverick

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