Rituals, their mysterious ‘connect’ angle!

All of us come into this world with this 'de-facto' state of not being painted with any religious shade.No child, for instance, identifies themself as a flag-bearer of any religious mission.But, as we go along, we start bracketing ourselves into a particular religious thought process. And, eventually, we imbibe it as part of our personality... Continue Reading →

Being lean! And, being simple!

Both are so easily said than done.'Cause, both the body and the mind get happily fat as life's temptations are too yummy for them to resist.Against this backdrop, how can we even talk about the pluses of being lean and simple?Excuse me... Did I hear you blabber something just now? Did you say 'give up... Continue Reading →

My view becomes vision when I rise. Consciously.

The devil is in details.Which means, I need to look at every little thing, up close. Really close. 'Cause, that's where lies the key to the ever-elusive perfection.So, having to be 'micro' all the time is a virtue. Definitely.Or, is it?Does it, by any chance, indicate another possibility? Of trapping me into becoming myopic?Possibly, yes.... Continue Reading →

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