1] Author:

  • anticlock-WISE (under production)

2] Writer – Director:

  • Monument Universe
    • Scripting the screenplay of the base-content (provided by archaeologists and content experts) for the shoot
    • Directing the shoot
    • Directing the post production
    • Having the rendered videos of the monuments on the app
    • Interfacing with the app design team for the glitch-free functioning of the app
    • Handling all the financial aspects of the project

3] Radio Jockey:

  • Hosting prime-time western music shows on 101.4FM and 100.1FM of All India Radio, Chennai
  • Scripting and producing podcasts


1] The Hope Mafia (Fiction. April 2022)

2] The Astral Surge (Fiction. February 2019)

3] Photography (Dance. Journalistic Media. Portrait.)

4] Production Design (Automobile Photography)

5] Advertising

6] Learning Design

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