WHAT THE NOVEL IS ABOUT Those of us blessed with a comfortable life are definitely the minority compared to those who are not. Not by the number maybe but by the sheer scale of misery the unfortunate lot go through for absolutely no fault of theirs. Children suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hands... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Channel!

Mind is so much like water. It flows freely. And, in all directions.It's from this perspective that the concept of channel looks pretty interesting.As is obvious, the channel lets water flow in the desired direction so it can reach its intended destination.This seems so much like a perfect, logical analogy for the mind as well.Here's... Continue Reading →

A Clear Mind Has A Clear Vision!

But, getting to that state isn't easy, 'cause, getting colored is.It happens just like that... all thanks to various kinds of influences that barrage us from all sides. Electronic, religious, parental, peer, and sometimes, even spiritual.Keeping the mind unaffected by these influences isn't easy at all. And, keeping it up to its pristine, pure, unadulterated... Continue Reading →

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