But, interestingly, the state of perfection is never absolute. It’s ever changing. We can’t achieve something and we can’t be like, ‘This is it! We’ve arrived’. ‘Cause, a higher standard would get set the very next moment and we would start lagging before we even realize it.

It’s for this single reason that passion gets us addicted, because, by design, it can never satiate us… like what it does for Joju George, who plays both the protagonist and antagonist roles of twins in this tautly made film IRATTA.

Joju George inspires me to no end, as I see in him someone who lives the passion… someone whose example I aspire to emulate. Because, I see how his love for the craft and his commitment to the film fraternity have brought him where he is today… not in terms of commercial success but in terms of a deep fulfillment he has rewarded himself with, just by pursuing his passion.

Not that it was an easy journey for him, given the fact that he didn’t have anyone backing him in his initial days. The thing is, I’ve seen him play some mediocre roles that were mostly reserved for junior artists. I never took him seriously till I saw his JOSEPH which he himself produced… a drive of passion that dares one to take a giant leap against all odds. Result… Bigwigs like Martin Prakkat took note of him and, the rest is history. Joju is, today, a big guy. Especially for me.

Now, coming to the movie…

It’s a director’s film all the way through. Every bit of the story, every frame, every connect between scenes, every part of emoting… everything, everything is right in its spot. Nailed. To the T.

A wow film can’t but be a director’s film. Period.

Though actors, screenplay writers, cinematographers, editers, music directors, art directors, and costume designers are absolute experts in their own right, they are still extensions of the director. They turn to him to get the much needed sense of direction. They race if they get it. They skid if they don’t.

Iratta has to be watched for the director. Joju George is just one brilliant part of it.

Saint Maverick

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