Life is stark. Ruthless.

It doesn’t cater to our fancies. Doesn’t dance to our tunes.

That’s why it’s called Reality.

But, we are no less. We like to fight, struggle and wrangle. And, win over reality. However stark. ‘Cause, that is Life. For us. Reality winning over us is no thrill. Letting that happen just means we’re giving in.

And, we hate giving in.

Movies are our alter-ego. They mirror our state of mind.

Just like how we want ourselves to win over our reality, we want the characters we watch also to win over their reality. We don’t want them to lose. If they lose, we lose. Because, we identify with them so much that we become them. Vicariously. So, we don’t want them to miss out on their life challenges. Period.

This singular criterion pretty much decides the success of the movie. For us, personally… its box office run notwithstanding.


The gritty hunt-plot pitches the stark, unforgiving and ruthless life situations against the central characters that are as real, as un-glamorous, and as human. Keeps us glued right from Cut A to Cut Z.

And, come Cut Z, do we feel victorious? Do we feel triumphant?

You’ll find out for yourself when you watch this mind-blowingly terrific execution.

Happy watching on Netflix!

Saint Maverick

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