Because, like God, logic graces us only at the zenith of severe penance… the penance of very deep thinking!

Skip this part and proceed with production… the entire effort nosedives into utter cacophony.

Absolutely enthralling landscapes of Kasaragod, the northern tip of Kerala, the endearing local dialect, and the stunning performances, especially that of the protagonist Vincy Aloshious, deserving ‘the performance-recognition of the highest order’, make this realistically and adorably shot movie so watchable.


The entire vengeance saga exploding out of the boyfriend killing the girl’s father in the desperate moment of his getting intimate with her is so shockingly devoid of logic that the entire production comes crashing down, because of this single weakest link.


The girl who is wide awake during the incident asks the boyfriend if he killed her father (who’s right outside) before coming into or after exiting her room.

To make things worse, the flashback scenes show the clearly audible father struggling to save himself from being strangulated. How’s it possible for the girl not to hear her father’s long struggle, considering the fact that he was just a few feet away from her?

The girl chasing the boyfriend down to his den subsequently and avenging her father’s death looks so farcical against the illogical backdrop.

Honestly, I felt pretty sad about the entire effort going down the drain because of such shallow thinking.

But, as a writer, the lesson I get out of watching this movie is pretty precious. Fleshing out all possible angles in the scripting phase itself is extremely critical. Because, once we cross it, we would have time and mind-space only to execute and not to correct the script. It would be too late by then.

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