Which is more critical?

Ideation or execution?

Execution, however perfect, slides into abyss when not supported by a well thought-through concept. Wow… what we see is mind blowing, but where’s the story?

Equally disastrous will be a situation that’s well conceived but poorly executed. The shoddy treatment has totally eclipsed a terrific script.

Rarely do we come across productions that handle both the ideation and its execution astonishingly and awe-inspiringly well. High Water, a Polish web series based on true events, belongs to this rare breed of meticulous and uncompromising productions.

The script is so thoroughly researched that its impeccable execution almost makes the web series look like a documentary, what with the artists not enacting but becoming the very citizens of Wrocławia, a city in Poland.

Watching the episodes were like attending classroom sessions on ‘movie-making’ that teach students some critical, live-wire techniques which, if not followed, can short-circuit big time.

Just that these lessons aren’t out in the open but are camouflaged in the movie itself. The best way to discern them is to kindle one’s imagination faculties to sense what would’ve happened behind the scenes.

I was delighted to be one… an ardent student who’s determined to apply such invisible learnings to his work.

Saint Maverick

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