Yesss! A brand new day it has to be!

How vacuous these words sound… especially for those who have to suffer dreary drill everyday, just to make ends meet.

What brand new day for them? Sounds rather elite, this life edict! Made for the elite!

But, what stuns me is that strange and almost inexplicable happiness I find exuding off some haggard faces… contract labourers, auto drivers, grocers, road side vendors.

They too struggle. Big time. But, they look thrilled with life.

Shot in a small-time town in Rajasthan

How come? How come the harsh reality of penury doesn’t seem to impact them at all? Depression! Do they even know such a word exists, leave alone their knowing its meaning?

Shot in a remote settlement in Jaisalmer

Intrigued by curiosity, I zoom into such faces through my lenses, thirsting for an answer.

Shot in a remote settlement in Jaisalmer

And, the answer comes to me.

The secret lies in the perspective. A vision that doesn’t have any connect whatsoever with money and the luxuries that come with it.

Just change the outlook and even depressive moments can look resplendent.

Shot a wet night in Chennai

Shot a wet night in Chennai

Saint Maverick

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