Creative writing just isn’t easy!

Souls who have tried their hands at the craft will vehemently nod for this simple yet deep truth.

Given the fact that we’re dealing with a tough craft, what we do to facilitate it becomes so critical… especially in contest scenarios such as the one organized by the Stella Maris College, Chennai… which I was part of, as a judge.

Gifting the contestents with a clear sense of direction in what they should write is key. Else, they become rudder-less boats. Which is what happened in this contest. It’s because, the organizers of the event are students themselves and obviously, they didn’t know the criticality of the write-art.

The results I happened to see mirrored the direction-less instructions. The writings were all over the place… barring a few entries that were terrific.

Lesson, reinforced: Uncomplicate the process to ease up the complex process of writing.

For, creating something new is almost akin to playing God.

Saint Maverick

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