Jogging an hour isn’t the same as footing a thousand steps.

Which is what I discovered while watching the steps inch past my feet as I inched up this hill which is in the midst of nowhere, somewhere between Trichy and Tanjavur in Tamilnadu.

This sweaty (ad)venture happened during our recent trip to Tanjavur to shoot Manora Fort and Tanjavur Palace for Monument Universe.

What I also learnt from the rocky trek was, while parts of the body can get worked up for (and because of) a particular action, they will be in for a surprise when subjected to another.

Which means, they have to be first coaxed into a new regimen and be allowed to be ‘at it’ for a comfortable time, before they could get ready to handle it like a breeze.

Anything needs practice and a consistent one at that.

Saint Maverick

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