It was a pretty ecstatic experience shooting the Manora Fort – gifted to the British by the Maratha king Sarfoji the second in 1813 A.D., for the Monument Universe app.

Situated around 70 kilometres away from Tanjavur, the fort stands tall among the coconut trees, literally dwarfing them.

A bird’s eye view from atop the Manora Fort

As we – Narayan, the cinematographer, and I – stepped into the small square balcony right at the top, the fort exploded a dizzying view of the blue sky the like of which I’ve never experienced in my life. The irresistible upshots of the profession? And the sprawling fort layout somewhere down under, was an equally dizzying sight.

And, as always, it was magical to see the visuals of the beautiful fort falling precisely in line with the content.

With the shoot behind us, the next exciting phases of the project are eagerly awaiting us.

The voiceover recording and the post production!

Saint Maverick

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