Monument Universe – Brahmapurishvarar Temple, Pullamangai – App Upload

Seeing the well-researched content capture the appropriate visuals is a magical experience.

Narayan shooting the monument for the content!
Gopu Rangaratnam, the content expert, one with the monument during the shoot!

And so is syncing the visuals with the voice in the post production.

All ended well with one of the historically significant monuments – the Brahmapurishvarar Temple, built by Paranthaka Chola the first, at Pullamangai, a small village that’s 10 kilometres away from Tanjavur.

The project is up on the Monument Universe app which is freely downloadable from the app and play stores.

Now, all set for the Tanjavur trip starting tonight – 14 February – to shoot the Tanjavur Palace and the Manora Fort in the next four days.

Saint Maverick

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