An ardent fan of J Krishnamurti, I felt an immense delight when I got an invitation from Pathashaala (PCFL-KFI) on the 24th October 2022, to engage with a student’s queries regarding local history.

The idea was to harness the professional experience I’ve been gaining as Writer-Director on the Monument Universe project… an app designed to disseminate authentic information about monuments in Tamilnadu. The invitation was triggered by my long-time friend Venky Natarajan who is also the Executive Producer of Monument Universe.

The questions amply reinforced my conviction that the complexity any subject could assume once we decide to dive into its depths is only too obvious.

  1. What are the things one should keep in mind in digital photography for any purpose?
  2. Who inspired you to work on local history projects?
  3. Is there any specific philosophy, genre, design movement or technological advancement that you see to clearly link to local history projects?
  4. What are the things I must keep in mind while doing a project on history?
  5. How did you manage your difficulties in this regard?
  6. Is there any designed framework and sequence to work on documentaries?
  7. How does one evaluate and test ideas when doing history projects?
  8. How are digital typographers used for history projects?
  9. Do you find difficulties in choosing frames for your projects? Can you share an experience of how you choose/edit?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of descriptive recall in design?
  11. What are the elements to be addressed in the projects to create an immersive and interactive experience?
  12. How one can effectively use a camera for history projects?
  13. What could be the best visuals to show/interpret for socio-economic connections between people and places?
  14. Are there any ethical considerations to particularly note, in digital media and design? (Copyright, digital footprint, data protection)
  15. How would user experience and user interface be relevant in a documented local history project?

Needless to mention, the interactions earned me as many lessons as they would’ve brought home for the student too.

Saint Maverick

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