Have a device having Dolby Atmos? And, a pair of high-fidelity Bluetooth headphones? And, the state of mind to indulge in a nerve wracking cinematic experience? Say at 10 in the night?


Then, you are all set. Just stretch your legs on the bed, nestle yourself against two soft pillows, switch off the lights, open Netflix and press PLAY on CRAWL.

The movie claws into you stealthily as scenes come lapping at you in waves… first soaking you in pure emotions of the girl who obsesses over her father with a steely, die-hard attachment.

And, as it takes an unnerving turn into the story, the movie starts choking your breath, throwing one nail biting moment after another at you till you’re like, ‘Should I at all continue watching this movie? Why not give it up?’

Just that you can’t. ‘Cause, the movie also clamps your attention so hard that you wonder if, for once, you love being suffocated. With all the trauma you personally go through watching the central characters fight it out with the cold blooded reptiles ambushing them from all possible corners of lashing flood waters, you’re also desperately waiting for them to come through it all.

And, when they do, you’re like, “Aww! This is what I call THE HUMAN SPIRIT… the I WON’T GIVE UP grit that fights the enemy with all its emotional and physical might and rises triumphant.”

Saint Maverick

While all of us do have our own challenges in life, only those with the spirit not to give up, come through it all… or at least are proud of themselves that they gave their very best.

Movies are great catalysts that way.

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