Those of us blessed with a comfortable life are definitely the minority compared to those who are not. Not by the number maybe but by the sheer scale of misery the unfortunate lot go through for absolutely no fault of theirs.

Children suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hands of adults who are supposed to protect them, young adolescents succumbing to bullying by their peers, the poor and less privileged being exploited by the conscienceless affluent, young women getting trafficked into flesh trade by the mindless pimp-gang. And, the list goes on.

DREAD stalks these hapless souls and drives them through extremely frightening dark alleys… letting them fight it out all by themselves with no help in sight, till they sight the end of their very lives.

The plot of this fiction sets in motion a powerful agenda that counters this harsh and violent reality with a far more violent offensive. It unleashes THE HOPE MAFIA to conspire and mastermind the rescue of affected souls from the clutches of dark forces.

And, it bolsters the fiction part on this premise: Because these positive agents are in the penultimate stage of their existence, serving the last phase of their Karma, they are coded with an altruistic DNA and are endowed with some special powers to accomplish their mission.


While this novel is consummate adrenaline, strategically pitching the supremely positive against the chillingly negative, its graphic descriptions of certain action sequences may not sync well with certain class of readers.

Nirmal Ranganathan



Considering the heterogeneous reader group, the novel uses English as the medium of communication though its characters should be conversing in Malayalam, the regional language of Kerala, India, where the story is based.


Working toward publishing the novel by mid-2020.

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