My Photographic Moments!

You learn swimming. But, you don’t swim for years. And, people are like, “Oh! You haven’t been swimming. You may forget it.”

One fine day, someone pushes you off the cliff-edge into the serene pond beneath. And, surprisingly, there you’re, swimming like a fish.

Isn’t it as real as that? And, isn’t it kiddish, what people fear?

I realize that the same argument goes for a craft like photography too. I was completely out of touch of my favorite profession for many yyyeears. And, the concern of my dear ones was real. “You gonna forget the craft that you loved doin’.” And, I was like, “Oh! Let me see.”

And, here comes an opportunity that sends me down south – Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu – on a recce to study the monuments, the project I’m currently working on. A sweet upshot of this trip was me naturally, almost unconsciously, bringing those mesmerizing moments into the frame of my mobile and freezing them in my ‘visual’ memory.

And, I was like, “Aww!! Photography hasn’t left me after all.”







And, a few vertical compositions…




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