I google Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles. For obvious reasons.

You google Barack Obama.

Your sibling googles Kylie Jenner.

Your buddy, a basketball aficionado, googles LeBron James…

…a rather personal, innocuous search we make for personalities whom we personally like.

Why not? That’s what we’ve our personal smartphones constantly glued to our hands for, anyways.


…in partnership with Google, INSIDER publishes results of the most searched popular celebrities online, based on our searches.

That’s really wow, ’cause, we contributed to these yummy results… and, are kicked-up about it.

All fine and dandy, so far!


I swear by the Amazon app. And, so do you. And, so do a million others.

What a kick-ass experience it is to shop at this impeccably organized online store… with the history of all our earlier purchases kept intact – among so many other awesome benefits heaped on us, of course!

Okay. Why the history of our purchases? So, it helps in our easy re-orders, for instance. Once again, this is just a tiny angle to a complex network of advantages we benefit from… all thanks to Jeff Bezos’ singular, die-hard commitment to winning our shopping exxxcitement!

The perfect win-win situation there. And, it’s all fine and dandy. Still.

Awright! Having acknowledged this mutually beneficial arrangement, we’re only happy for Amazon using all our purchase data to organize its stocks.

One of the unnerving take-off points! 

I’m amazed whenever I see that small notification flash under the product I’m considering to buy. “Only one left in stock. Order soon.”

How would it even be possible for Amazon to flash that notification at me but for a ‘digital superintelligence’ that algorithmically tracks all purchases and the corresponding depleting stocks, and automatically plans for fresh orders to replenish the stock… all by itself?

That it will become a chaotic mayhem otherwise, doesn’t need any mention at all. So, we are absolutely fine with this precision-perfect system put in place to make our lives easier.

An ingenious system designed by us… and taught by us to make logical sense of the demonically humongous data generated by customers like you and me. Not just you and me. Not hundreds like us. Not a thousand like us. Not a million like us. Millions like us.


Amazon is just one of those massive conglomerates that lay their money on big data to enhance their chances of becoming numero uno in their respective spheres.

So, big data is beginning to rule the game. Literally.

Okay… now comes the fun part.

Imagine humans trying to do a similar analysis of big data with the help of their tremendously constrained neural network.

  • Biological neurons in our brains operate at about 200 Hertz. Modern transistors operate at over 2GHZ (that is, 200,00,00,000 Hertz). 10 million times faster.
  • Our axons (appended to neurons, transmitting impulses from the cell body) travel at a ‘100 meters per second’ speed. The modern intelligent systems, on the other hand, transmit information at the rate of 300 million meters per second. That’s infinity times more.


There’s no way we humans can even think of matching the INTELLIGENCE we have created. And, neither can we contain it.

Contain it. It’s here that we feel a numbing chill run down our spines. Because, this non-biological (and therefore called artificial) intelligence is beginning to know much more than us by deriving a scaringly accurate and logical sense out of the real-time data in a way we can never do. It’s growing in its ‘knowledge’ to such numbingly mind-boggling levels that we humans are beginning to feel dwarfed before its larger-than-life persona. This is how.

The digital ‘being’ is getting its firm clasp on the oceanic data generated by us. It’s deriving its own lessons from it, without seeking any further help from us. And, it’s making its own decisions because it knows we humans can’t, for nuts, decipher the extremely complex way in which it learns. Not any more.

In effect, it knows it has evolved from us just like the way we had evolved from chimpanzees. Upshot: We humans are facing an existential crisis. Simple.

Need more reassurance? Ask Elon Musk and he will tell you.

Meanwhile, I will get going with the next post, documenting my further understanding of the subject.

So long…


Add yours

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