I chilled on one of those park benches after my 30-minute jogging stint this morning. While deeply inhaling the nippy, clean air to cool down the palpitating system, I watched other souls get their bit from the track.

Somewhere, this five-minute interlude stimulates some sort of reflection on things. And, this morning was no different.

I saw one of those ‘fitness enthusiasts’ lounge past me talking on his mobile, reassuring his friend at the other end, “As discussed, I spoke to him yesterday but didn’t reveal any information on how we fix things.”

“Logical!” I thought.

‘Trade secrets’ is a term that chokes even that vestige of temptation in me to reveal stuff. ‘Cause, if not nipped in the bud, the naive ‘tendency to share’ could push me into committing professional suicide. Simple.

I reflected further.

By the sheer act of doing things over and over again and over a period of time, I evolve some unique ways of executing stuff in clever, smart ways that are exclusively mine. They are no rocket science fundas by any stretch of imagination but that’s exactly where the catch lies. Anyone can imbibe those ‘techniques’ in a whiff and get on to the fast lane… and possibly obliterate me. Quite suicidal indeed!

It paid off in a nice way… the whole meaningful reflection on the so-called magnanimous, altruistic disposition to share. Lesson: DON’T SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW! PERIOD!

Period? Or, is it comma?

I reflect it’s the latter. Which means, my nagging reflection spills over to the next post.

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